Sunday, October 21, 2018

Funeral Arrangement for George Haussman.

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To our membership:

          I am greatly saddened to inform our membership that the President of VVA Chapter 17, George Haussmann, peacefully passed away Saturday, October 13, 2018 at his home in Las Vegas, NV. He is survived by his daughter Lacey and granddaughter Arwen.

          The “Patriot Guard”, will be giving George’s remains a procession from our Chapter (6424 W. Cheyenne Ave. Las Vegas, NV) to the Cemetery. If you would like to join in, please be here by 10:30 am.

Funeral services will be held at the Boulder City Veterans Cemetery on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 12:40 pm. Please wear your colors.

          After the services, everyone is welcomed to join the family at Chapter 17 for a Celebration of Life.

Thank You for Your Support

Andrew J LeDuc

Secretary, Chapter 17

United States Army Veteran

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Patriots, FYI

Dear Nevada Vets,

I am the events coordinator at the NV Southern Railroad Museum in Boulder City, NV.  We are one of three railroad museums in Nevada, and one of the most visited.

We love and respect our Veterans, so this Veterans Day weekend, Nov 11/12, 2017 will allow any veteran with ID to ride our trains, along with one additional relative.

Please publish the attached letters/information in your news to the Veterans of Nevada.  If you need additional information please contact me at my phone below, or email me.

Frank Carroll
Scenic Photography
Phone:  702.501.4475

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fwd: FlapJack Fundraiser Flyer






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Robert, can you put this in Chap 711 May & June newsletters?  Other newsletters too?

Thanks, Len


Please see attached flyer (In .png format for web posting). Request Widest dissemination.

We still need volunteers to serve.

So far I have two Volunteers, Cathy Breedlove (NVEnergy) and Peggy Randal (WVON). Volunteers should arrive between 730-745 on June 10th.

We have 100 tickets (pre-event) we can get more printed.

Julie-10 tickets

Karen-10 tickets

Sheila-12 tickets

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fw: NSVH Receives Awards

February 13, 2017

CONTACT: Terri Hendry, Cell (775) 525-4674
Nevada State Veterans Home receives top honors
for exceptional patient care




(Boulder City, NV) – The Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, Nevada earned the Pinnacle Quality Insight Customer Experience Award. Also, the 180 bed home that serves veterans, spouses and Gold Star parents received the highest rating from with an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.
Pinnacle Quality Insight is a nationally recognized customer satisfaction firm serving as a senior healthcare advocate for more than 20 years. The Customer Experience Award was established to ensure every resident or patient receives exceptional assistance and care from his or her provider.
Over the past 12 months, Pinnacle Quality Insight interviewed family members with loved ones in the Nevada State Veterans Home. The Home qualified for the Pinnacle Quality Insight Customer Award the previous year but this time the Home achieved more awards overall. This time, the Home received 23 awards in three neighborhoods in 12 areas of customer satisfaction: Activities, Admission Process, Cleanliness, Communication from Facility, Dignity and Respect, Dining Service, Individual Needs, Nursing Care, Overall Customer Experience, Overall Satisfaction, Recommend to others and Safety and Security.
Additionally, as of February 1, 2017, the Nevada State Veterans Home maintained its 5 star rating from Administrator Linda Gelinger said, "I am so proud of the wonderful team we have at the Home." She added, "The team works hard every single day in honor of our veterans and to ensure our veterans are well cared for."
The 5 star rating has become more coveted in the skilled care industry with an increase in strict criteria by the Federal agency in recent months. To achieve this level of distinction takes dedication and commitment to quality each and every day.

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Robert, Please post to all sites. 

Cruise for Our Wounded Warrior Heroes





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The Wife and I have been supporters of a program to send some of our Wounded Warriors and their Caregivers on a cruise for about a decade now.  It is a way that we can say thanks for their sacrifices and pains in recovery.

In the days when I attempted to assist Veterans with some counsel and assistance and my wife Betty who worked as a Nurse in the Army and the VA, we often saw the suffering and challenges that our Wounded Warriors and their caregivers faced on a daily basis.  What has been heartening to witness is the improvement in treatments and care our wounded are now receiving and the "Warrior Spirit" and ethos one sees in these active duty, reserve troops and veterans.  

The process is long, painful and challenging.  I have talked with a Special Forces Soldier who required 34 pints of blood to survive his medical evacuation process from the combat zone, loss of limbs, and many surgeries to become capable of walking with prosthetic legs and continuing a career as an army officer.  I have talked with another whose double amputation still allowed him to raise funds  for future Wounded Warrior cruise candidates with a rucksack race and other sports competitions.  I have talked with Combat Medics and Corpsmen who received serious wounds or injuries from aircraft and vehicle incidents in attempts to save others.  

Another Soldier we know has undergone 30 surgeries to first survive, and lately to regain enough mobility to simply play with his children.  I could tell many other stories as well.  What often goes untold are the spouses of these Warriors who have often had to put their careers or jobs on hold to provide daily care to their partners.  

What the cruises accomplish are simply a way of saying thanks - not just for their service - but for their sacrifices, in the past and ongoing.  It may offer some a brief vacation from the recovery process and physical and occupational therapy for some relaxation, water sports, and sightseeing.  We hope that these efforts might help make their future just a little brighter.

If you are one of us who actively support veterans, please consider providing a little assistance by either donating to this cause, going on the cruise with your spouse, and asking your veteran or service organization to become a sponsor.  Attached is an information sheet with upcoming cruise information and some past cruise photos and information.  

The 46th Special Forces Company Association (Abn) is an authorized non-profit charitable activity under the 501 (c) (3) code and donations are tax-deductible.  If you or someone you know is in the business world that wishes to something for deserving veterans, the goodwill and acknowledgement would be publicized throughout the veteran community.  If you or your activity cannot participate, please pass on the information to others.

I am hoping that even a little bit more can be added to the activities around this Wounded Warrior Cruise.  I would really recommend that you choose to use this as not only a way of helping our wounded and injured Warriors, but as a truly rewarding experience along with a fun and relaxing vacation.  

If you do decide to go, please use the contacts from the 46th SF Company for reservations as it helps to obtain the maximum number of cabins and bennies from the cruise line for the Wounded Warriors on the cruise.

I have had several Inquiries as to receiving a 46th SF Co Assn Newsletter but must announce that MSG Reed (Cadillac) Johnson, US Army (Retired), succumbed to Agent Orange related medical problems last year.  There might be a newsletter in the works.

There are several things to see and do around Miami as well as cruising but if you are pressed for time, detailed research into flights between Las Vegas and Miami can be timed to minimize hotel costs by shuttle from the airport and cruise ship and back.  

I am available at to answer questions around the cruise experience but for costs and reservations, contact those on the attached sheet and CC address above.  This is one of the greatest opportunities available to you to support our Wounded Warriors, learn of their journey of healing, and have a great vacation - all in one.  It is also an opportunity for a veterans organization to sponsor one of their deserving Wounded Warriors.  On the last cruise, VVA Chapter 1076 sponsored a local 101st Airborne Veteran amputee and DAV Chapter 13 members helped with his expenses.  


Thursday, February 9, 2017



Vietnam Veterans of
America Chapter 1076


Let Chili's do the cooking while we support Vietnam Veterans of America at
the same time. With each flyer presented on Monday Chili's will donate 15%
of the event day sales.
The Vietnam Veterans of America Give Back Event is:
March 13th, 2017
11am/ 10pm
only at:
10080 S. Eastern Ave.
Henderson, NV 89052
702-407-6924 -


We look forward to seeing you at Chili’s!more

GIVING BACK happens here
Mention or show the Give Back Event Flyer with each check to receive credit for the sale. Sale cannot be included in donation amount with
flyer. Offer only valid on the date and location stated above. Donations will not be given on sales made prior to or past this date.
Vietnam Veterans of
America Chapter 1076

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